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Panopreter Basic 3.0

Panopreter Basic is an efficient text-to-speech utility
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Panopreter Basic is a text-to-speech application which can be used to turn text files into audio files. It transfers input texts into different languages according to the user's needs.
The application is very easy-to-use, displaying a light interface which provides easy access to two main modes of file reading. The first one is the "Read file" mode which requires to manually add the text file. It supports the most common text file formats, such as txt, pdf, Office documents and even web pages. The selected file will automatically be turned into an audio file provided that the language selected by an user from the language list corresponds to the language in which the text is written. Thus, the tool cannot translate the text from one language into another.

The second mode is the "Input and Speak" mode. By selecting this mode, the speaker will have to add the text by pasting or typing it into the edit window. Then, the user can proceed to the actual automatic reading stage.

This piece of software comes with a predefined set of voices, but users are also allowed to add other male or female voices according to their taste. Additionally, the application is able to adjust the voice volume and the reading speed.

All in all, Panopreter Basic is a useful tool that can be used by anyone who needs to turn a text file into an audio file. Supporting a large number of languages, it also stands as an efficient language learning tool.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The user can add other voices
  • It supports the most common file formats
  • It saves the audio files into the most common file formats
  • Free application


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